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biological and artificial neural dynamics

Guillaume Lajoie (PI)

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I am an applied mathematician interested in the interactions and commonalities of biological and artificial neural computations. My research group works at the intersection of AI and Neuroscience, or Neuro-AI, developing tools to better understand neural networks as well as algorithms for brain-machine interfaces for scientific and clinical use. My work is motivated by the remarkable ability of neural networks (biological and artificial) to learn and support complex, emergent computations. I use tools from dynamical systems, information theory, statistics and machine learning to address a range of problems, in collaboration with experimental neuroscientists and machine intelligence researchers.


Paper on opportunity cost of time and urgency signals in the brain is out in PloS Comp Biol.! Amazing work lead by Max Puelma Touzel 

Performance-gated deliberation: A context-adapted strategy in which urgency is opportunity cost, Max Puelma Touzel, Paul Cisek, Guillaume Lajoiem PloS CB (2022)

Keep you eyes out for these !!!! 








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